Factors That Affected Maximum Willingness to Pay Amount for HIVST Kits Among KPs in 3 States in Nigeria

P Value95% CIOdds Ratio95% CI
 Younger than 28 years.465−0.076, 0.0370.2730.701, 2.460
KP group
 MSM.077−0.010, 0.1090.3720.781, 2.694
Marital status
 Married.9310.063, 0.050−0.6950.150, 1.661
 Secondary and above.871−0.055, 0.062−0.0410.467, 1.972
Employment status
 Employed.956−0.058, 0.0600.7281.116, 3.842a
Place of residence
 Rural.229−0.099, 0.023−0.1750.486, 1.450
Monthly incomeb
 <N30,000 (<US$79).000a0.093, 0.245a0.9881.465, 4.928a
Ever heard of HIVST
 Yes.965−0.058, 0.0570.3900.567, 3.849
Ever received messaging about HIVST
 Yes.644−0. 049, 0.07100
Satisfaction with the quality of HIVST messages
 Yes.347−0.135, 0.049−0.3760.379, 1.244
Willing to receive HIVST messages in future
 Yes.036a0.011, 0.112a0.1930.273, 5.388
Ever used HIVST
 Yes.064−0.108, 0.001−0.5650.322, 1.003a
  • Abbreviations: CI, confidence interval; FSW, female sex worker; HIVST, HIV self-testing; KP, key population; MSM, men who have sex with men.

  • a Statistically significant.

  • b Nigerian Naira (N)380=US$1.