Improvement in the Data Accuracy of MNCH Data Elements Between Rounds 1 and 2 Observed During Data Audits Conducted by the UP-TSU Across 130 Facilities in 25 High-Priority Districtsa

Facility TypeNumber of MNCH DataElements AuditedNumber of Facilities Audited for Data AccuracyData Elements Matched With Source (Round 1,October 2017)Data Elements Matched With Source (Round 2,January 2018)Mean Difference (Round 2–Round 1)P Value
Mean, %SDMean, %SD
District hospitals98264732722825.007
Block-level community health center and block primary health care97585236702917.001
Community health center97205137663315.178
Primary health center97173338693936.002
  • Abbreviations: MNCH, maternal, neonatal, and child health; SD, standard deviation; UP-TSU, Uttar Pradesh Technical Support Unit.

  • a Source: Based on the analysis of Maternal and Newborn Complication Data Audit conducted from Round 1 (October 2017) to Round 2 (January 2018) by the UP-TSU. The 2 rounds of data quality assessment (data audit) for MNCH data elements were conducted by UP-TSU independently. During the audits, selected data elements were matched between reported data and source register data for accuracy.