Examples of MythBusters Developed to Address Rumors in Guyana During COVID-19 Pandemic

MythBuster #1
MythCOVID-19 does not affect indigenous people.
EPPM categoryLow vulnerability, low efficacy.
Rumor examples“COVID-19 will not affect me as I am Amerindian.”“Once you get the ‘Rona’ and you have underlying conditions, you can die.”“Only persons with underlying conditions can die from COVID-19.”
EPPM solutionEducate about risk and solutions.
FactAnyone can contract COVID-19. People of all ages, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds have been infected and affected by COVID-19.Infected persons who do not show any symptoms of the virus can pass it to others with underlying health conditions, who can become severely ill.
MythBuster #2
MythThe Ministry of Health is using contaminated COVID-19 test kits.
EPPM categoryHigh vulnerability, low efficacy.
Rumor examples“The COVID-19 test kits are infected.”“The MOH is using testing kits that were already used to test other suspected COVID-19 cases.”“The government is giving persons COVID-19 by using contaminated nasopharyngeal swabs.”
EPPM solutionEducate about solutions.
FactThe kits used to test for COVID-19 are 100% safe and unused. You cannot get COVID-19 from a test kit. COVID-19 is transmitted through droplets generated from an infected person coughing, singing, talking, or sneezing.
MythBuster #3
MythGovernment is hiding COVID-19 numbers from Guyanese people.
EPPM categoryHigh vulnerability, low efficacy.
Rumor examples“Government is hiding COVID-19 numbers from Guyanese people.”“The numbers are much higher.”
EPPM solutionEducate about solutions.
FactThe Ministry of Health publishes a COVID-19 dashboard daily for all Guyanese to see. The dashboard provides correct information about the reported COVID-19 cases and deaths in Guyana. The dashboard can be found on the Ministry of Health’s website:
MythBuster #4
MythYou will become infected with COVID-19 if you mix with strangers.
EPPM categoryHigh vulnerability, high efficacy.
Rumor examples“To prevent COVID, don't mix with strangers or persons from the coastal plains.”“Only infected persons from the coastlands can take COVID to the mining areas.”
EPPM solutionInclude a call to action.
FactAny person with COVID-19 (even if they are not showing symptoms) can infect others, including your friends, family, or strangers. Protect yourself and your loved ones by always wearing a mask in public, washing your hands often, and practicing physical distancing (6 feet/2 meters).
  • Abbreviations: COVID-19, coronavirus disease; EPPM, extended parallel processing model; MOH, Ministry of Health.