CHWs in Bangladesh Who Reported Undertaking Added Responsibilities Related to COVID-19 Prevention, Treatment, Referring, and Reporting

FWA, % (n=204)HA, % (n=166)Total, % (N=370)P Value
Educating community members about COVID-19 prevention/treatment98.510099.2.11
Advising about signs/symptoms of COVID-19a
 Dry cough91.089.890.5.67
 Sore throat58.762.760.5.44
 Nasal congestion68.276.571.9.07
 Breathing difficulties51.745.248.8.21
 Loss of taste11.415.113.1.30
Correctly advising signs/symptoms of COVID-19 (score≥90%)25.520.523.2.25
Advising community how COVID-19 can be transmitteda
 Coughing/sneezing by infected people91.097.694.0.008
 Direct contact with infected people74.682.578.2.06
 Being close to infected people61.264.562.7.52
 Touching contaminated objects/surfaces/ disposable masks30.429.529.9.86
Correctly advising community how COVID-19 can be transmitted (score≥90%)9.315.712.2.06
Advising community how to prevent COVID-19
 Stay at home96.098.897.3.10
 Frequent hand washing100100100NA
 Wearing mask100100100NA
 Social distance10098.899.5.11
 Quarantine if exposure is suspected97.099.498.1.09
Correctly advising community how to prevent COVID-19 (score≥90%)92.798.295.1.02
Referring suspected COVID-19 cases for advanced care at facilities56.484.368.9<.001
  • Abbreviations: CHW, community health worker; COVID-19, coronavirus disease; FWA, family welfare assistant; HA, health assistant; NA, not applicable.

  • a N=367 (FWA, n=201; HA, n=166).