Demographic Characteristics of Community Health Workers in Bangladesh

FWA, % (n=204)HA, % (n=166)Total, % (N=370)P Value
Age, years   
Education level
 Secondary (incomplete)<.001
 Secondary (complete)41.70.623.2
 Higher secondary and above55.499.475.2
Time working as a CHW, years   
Received incentivesa   
 Event-related allowances (transport, lunch, airtime)80.484.382.2.32
 Event-related nonfinancial (food, backpack)70.181.975.4.01
Location of work   
 Urban informal settlements11.81.87.3<.001
Time to reach farthest household for CHWs that live in community,b minutes   
Main mode of travel since pandemic   
 By foot23.03.614.3<.001
 Taxi/compressed natural gas taxi30.940.435.2
 Easy bike/rickshaw/boat38.730.134.8
Geographic working area
 Cox’s Bazar26.512.020.0
  • Abbreviations: CHW, community health worker; FWA, family welfare assistant; HA, health assistant; NA, not applicable.

  • a Multiple responses.

  • b N=254.