Financial and Economic Costs of mCME 2.0 Intervention for HIV Clinicians in Vietnama,b

Financial Cost, US$% of TotalEconomic Cost,c US$% of Total 
  Preparation and planningd6,081.4412.3%16,545.1117.9%
  Program implementation and managemente13,016.1326.3%18,965.3620.6%
  Preparation and planning1,591.303.2%8,936.469.7%
  Preparation and planning2,803.175.7%2,803.173.0%
  Program implementation and management3,181.196.4%3,181.193.4%
  Preparation and planning00%12,516.9113.6%
  Preparation and planning3,417.666.9%3,417.663.7%
  Preparation and planning5,297.3210.7%5,297.325.7%
Total personnel35,388.2171.4%71,663.1977.7%
Travel, Food, and Accommodation
  Program implementation and management264.640.5%264.640.3%
  Preparation and planning00%541.310.6%
  Preparation and planning247.840.5%247.840.3%
Total travel, food, and accommodation512.481.0%1,053.791.1%
  Preparation and planning7,362.0914.9%7,362.098.0%
Total technology7,362.0914.9%7,362.098.0%
 Total indirects6,289.9812.7%12,133.0513.2%
Total cost (discounted)49,552.76100.0%92,212.12100.0%
Total cost for preparation period26,184.6652.8%61,313.9566.5%
Total cost for implementation period23,368.1047.2%30,898.1733.5%
  • Abbreviations: BUSPH, Boston University School of Public Health; CPRID, Center for Population Research Information and Databases; CRCD, Consulting, Researching on Community Development; HMU, Hanoi Medical University; mCME, mobile continuing medical education; SMS, short message service; VAAC, Vietnam Administration for AIDS Control.

  • a All figures are presented in real 2016 US$.

  • b All costs are discounted by 3%.

  • c The economic analysis considers the actual time spent on the project by personnel, as this project required a substantial amount of volunteer time from BUSPH staff. The economic analysis took into consideration the costs of the online courses developed by HMU and the cost of the SMS system from mCME 1.0.17

  • d Preparation and planning refers to costs during the prep period for the trial from April 1, 2016 to October 30, 2016.

  • e Program implementation and management refers to costs during the implementation period for the trial from November 1, 2016 to April 30, 2017.

  • f Consultants were used to complete the following tasks: link SMS system with HMU, test functionality of SMS system, and develop content and review translation.

  • g Technology includes the cost of maintaining the server, the SMS messages to the intervention and control groups, and the monthly fee for the SMS system.