Method Choicea Among Current Nonpermanent Method Users and LARC Removals Among LARC Users, by Country

Obtained preferred method, % (95% CI)83.9 (80.8, 86.7)87.8 (84.9, 90.4)79.4 (72.4, 85.3)84.2 (81.0, 87.0)
Main reason for not obtaining preferred method, %bn=78n=44n=26n=65
 Preferred method unavailable34.652.330.830.8
 Provider unable to provide preferred method20.515.946.224.6
 Provider recommended another method/not eligible17.920.515.44.6
 Not enough money11.56.87.715.4
 Afraid of getting COVID-
LARC removalscn=495n=261n=86n=319
 Tried to get LARC removed, %45.736.854.717.6
 Main reason for not being able to have LARC removed, %dn=226n=96n=47n=56
  No provider available/place closed35.867.746.821.4
  No equipment/supplies for removal23.010.421.325.0
  Provider advised to keep method20.89.410.623.2
  Not enough money11.17.312.821.4
  • Abbreviations: CI, confidence interval; COVID-19, coronavirus disease; IUD, intrauterine device; LAM, lactational amenorrhea method; LARC, long-acting reversible contraception.

  • a At last episode of use: calculated for current modern method users who last obtained/resupplied their method during COVID-19 or who use LAM.

  • b Among current modern method users who last obtained their method during COVID-19 and are not using their preferred method.

  • c Among current implant and IUD users.

  • d Among current implant and IUD users who tried to have their method removed.