COVID-19-Specific Training, Supplies, and Supportive Supervision Received by Community Health Workers in Bangladesh

FWA, % (n=204)HA, % (n=166)Total, % (N=370)P Value
COVID-19-related training provided to CHWs65.797.680.0<.001
Types of traininga
 Preventive strategies (handwashing practices, social distance, self-quarantine, etc.)100100100NA
 General information about COVID-19100100100NA
 Correct use of PPE (masks, gloves, apron, etc.)97.898.898.3.50
 Signs and symptoms of COVID-1998.510099.3.11
 Contact tracing and community surveillance18.788.356.8<.001
 Home-based care of COVID-19 cases80.687.784.5.09
 Continuity of community-based services67.277.872.9.04
Supplies provided to CHWs
 Disposable masks77.988.682.7.007
 Reusable masks63.232.549.5<.001
 Hand sanitizer96.188.592.7.005
 Disinfect supplies24.040.431.4.008
 Job aids for COVID-1915.245.828.9.001
 Sufficient supplies (score≥90%)5.918.111.4.001
Methods of supportive supervision to CHWs
 Regular in-person meeting31.94.819.7<.001
 Scheduled team meeting (via phone)97.197.697.3.7
 Digital communication (WhatsApp, text, etc.)46.616.332.9<.001
 Ad hoc phone call89.292.890.8.2
 Supportive supervision (score≥90%)<.001
  • Abbreviations: CHW, community health worker; COVID-19, coronavirus disease; FWA, family welfare assistant; HA, health assistant.

  • a N=296 (FWA, n=134; HA, n=162).