Input Parameters for Univariate Sensitivity and Policy-Determined Variables for the Economic Forecasted Analysis of mCME v2.0 for HIV Clinicians in Vietnam

Input Parameters for Univariate SensitivityBest EstimateMinimumaMaximumaSource
Number of clinicians8656491,082In-country partnersb
Program management salaries (2021 US$ per month)1000.00750.001,250.00In-country partnersb
Consultancy fee, 2021 US$ per hour50.0037.5.00625.00In-country partnersb
Technology (server, telephone, SMS system) costs, 2021 US$ per month1,110.64832.981,388.29Trialc
Policy-Determined Variables9-month expansion,d No.10-year expansion,e No.
Total months of preparation312
Total months of implementation624
HIV expert days for content refining1040
  • Abbreviations: mCME, SMS-based continuing medical education; SMS, short message service.

  • a Sensitivity values are -25% of the best estimate for the lower bound and +25% of the best estimate for the upper bound.

  • b In-country partners provided the best estimates for the cost of labor (i.e. program management salaries; the consultancy fees) and the number of HIV clinicians in-country for whom this program could be scaled up.

  • c Costs for technology were estimated based on costs during the trial with considerations for inflation.

  • d The 9-month expansion includes shifting all labor costs to local staff for 3 months of preparation (including 10 days of an HIV expert to refine content), and a 6-month intervention.

  • e The 10-year expansion includes the costs from the 9-month expansion in year 1, and then additional preparation/implementation in years 3, 5, 7, and 9.