Average Actual and Required Expenditure for Services by Level of Care in 2018, Afghanistan

Catchment population7,5006,56113,20130,12359,237
Number of BPHS services29,92018,84028,54751,876125,518
Number of non-BPHS services3,6231322,2004,2011,745
Total number of services33,54218,97130,74756,077127,264
Actual total BPHS expenditure, US$102,03163,10393,632163,483393,478
Actual total non-BPHS expenditure, US$79,8432883,13515,97040,170
Actual total expenditure, US$181,87463,39196,767179,453433,648
Actual required BPHS expenditure, US$112,64673,776138,878329,353921,816
Actual required non-BPHS expenditure, US$82,1311,14318,279107,457239,843
Actual required expenditure, US$194,77774,919157,157436,8101,161,659
Actual cost per service, US$5.423.343.153.203.41
Required cost per service, US$5.813.955.117.799.13
Actual cost per capita of BPHS, US$13.609.627.095.436.64
Required cost per capita of BPHS, US$15.0211.2510.5210.9315.56
Actual cost per capita of non-BPHS services, US$10.650.040.240.530.68
Required cost per capita of additional services, US$10.950.171.383.574.05
Actual percentage of required cost for all services, %9385624137
Actual number of technical staff4451130
Required number of technical staff66122124
  • Abbreviations: BPHS, Basic Package of Health Services; BHC, basic health center; CHC, comprehensive health center; DH, district hospital; HSC, health sub-center; MHT, mobile health team.