Participants Trained on the UP-HMIS, 2017–2018a

Eligible ParticipantsTotal Participants Targeted, No.Training Attendees, No. (%)
StateProgram managers, directors, assistant research officers, monitoring & evaluation specialists7365 (89)
DivisionAdditional directors4848 (93)
DistrictChief medical officers, chief medical superintendent, assistant chief medical officers, assistant research officers, district program managers, HMIS operator225233 (104)
BlockBlock program managers, block assistant research officers, HMIS operator2,6162,431(93)
SubcenterAuxiliary nurse midwives, nurse supervisors18,028b15,738 (87)
Total20,99018,515 (88)
  • Abbreviations: HMIS, health management information system; UP-HMIS, Uttar Pradesh Health Management Information System.

  • aSource: Participant attendance sheet.

  • bOnly 1 auxiliary nurse midwife (ANM) per subcenter was targeted for the training (if more than 1 ANM was on staff). For all other positions, everyone was invited to participate in the trainings.