Barriers to Use Among Current Nonusersa of Modern Contraception, by Country

Malawi, %Nepal, %Niger, %Uganda, %
Intention to get modern method
 Did not want method34.162.150.934.4
 Wanted method, did not try obtaining one13.69.312.112.5
 Tried obtaining a method52.228.637.053.1
Reasons for not trying to obtain a methodbn=97n=71n=32n=96
 Family planning services closed20.621.118.816.7
 Afraid of getting COVID-1948.552.150.049.0
 Family would not allow going to get a method due to COVID-
 Government restrictions15.
Reasons for not obtaining a method among those who triedcn=372n=217n=98n=409
 Preferred method unavailable31.260.432.729.3
 Provider unable to provide preferred method25.812.922.413.0
 Provider recommended another method11.88.810.215.6
 Not enough money12.47.431.630.8
  • Abbreviation: COVID-19, coronavirus disease.

  • a Nonusers include nonpregnant women who reported using a traditional method or not using any form of contraception but did not want to get pregnant in the next two years.

  • b Among current nonusers of modern contraception who wanted a method but did not try obtaining one.

  • c Among current nonusers of modern contraception who tried obtaining a method.