Table 6. Client Perceptions of Quality of Care and Client Satisfaction, N = 585
Friendliness of DSO
 Talked to client in a friendly way89.1
 Did not talk to client much8.7
 Talked to client in a unfriendly way2.2
DSO treated client with respect100.0
Trust the DSO will protect privacy
 Do not know5.3
Feel family planning DSO services are affordable
Will continue to go to DSO for family planning services
Satisfied with the way the DSO provided the method
Satisfied with DMPAb
 Very much satisfied73.9
 Somewhat satisfied22.2
 Not at all satisfied3.3
Always go to same DSO for DMPAb
  • Abbreviations: DSO, drug shop operator; DMPA, depot medroxyprogesterone acetate.

  • a Many of the clients with “no” or “missing” responses had received services for free.

  • b Data among DMPA users only (n = 460).