TABLE 3. Contraceptive Availability in Facilities Offering Family Planning and Knowledge and Use Among Married Women of Reproductive Age
MethodContraceptive Availability in FacilitiesaContraceptive Knowledge and Useb
% Offer Method% Method Available on Day of Survey% Know of Method% Ever Used Method% Currently Using Method
Standard Days Method751264.11.40.3
Female sterilization677.00.70.7
Male sterilization456.00.20.1
Intrauterine devices204454.40.80.2
Male condoms916998.45.91.9
Female condoms355760.20.20
Emergency contraceptive pills1622
  • a Source: Rwanda Service Provision Assessment, 2008, Tables A-5.1 and A-5.2.15

  • b Source: Rwanda Interim Demographic and Health Survey, 2008, Tables 5.1, 5.3.1, and 5.4.16