VAS Delivered to Children Aged 6–59 Months During NIDs, South Sudana

NID YearRound and Month Data CollectedTarget PopulationVAS 6–59 MonthsVAS 6–11 MonthsVAS 12–59 MonthsReported Coverage, %No. Counties (N=79)
2014I, April1,402,839b1,547,673413,4101,134,263110.344
2014II, December1,968,213b1,983,386c520,2551,333,187100.877
2015No round I conducted
2015II, November1,999,080b1,925,526336,9221,588,60496.340
2016I, April3,032,7201,394,243330,7011,063,54246.034
2016II, November3,032,7202,370,989343,2192,027,77078.064
2017I, May/June3,032,7201,536,612310,9131,225,69950.948
2017II, Nov/Dec3,048,7781,844,844304,0951,540,74960.573
2018I, April3,032,7202,269,615423,7481,845,86774.872
2018II, November3,054,3752,350,747471,4991,879,24877.073
2019I, May2,965,7952,766,172596,6942,169,47893.078
2019No round II conducted due to massive flooding in most parts of country
2020I, Feb/March and Novemberd3,002,9841,867,524c328,1321,338,97262.268
  • Abbreviations: NID, national immunization day; VAS, vitamin A supplementation.

  • a Data source: summary coverage reports of NID tally sheet data from 2014–2020.

  • b Target population is estimated only for those areas where VAS was delivered, not a national estimate.

  • c VAS recorded only for age 6–59 months category (not by ages 6–11 months and 12–59 months) in Western Bahr el Ghazal in 2014 and in Lakes in 2020.

  • d In 2020, there were no NIDs so VAS and deworming was piggybacked on the measles vaccination follow-up campaign, which reached 68 counties in 2 phases (55 counties in February/March and 13 counties in November).