Classifications for Family Planning Sources

Private clinicalPrivate hospitals, clinics, doctors, nurses, midwives, health centers, maternity homes, and other private medical
Private pharmacy or drug shopPharmacy, drug shop, dispensary, and chemist
Private shop or marketShop, market, bar, disco, vending machine, gas station, grocery store, guest house/hotel, warehouse, and other private
NGO/FBOMission hospital, mission health center/clinic, church, mosque, religious institution, NGO health facility, NGO mobile clinics, and NGO CHW
PublicAll public sources including hospitals, clinics, and CHWs
OtherFriend, relative, partner, parent, traditional healer, traditional birth attendant, school, the respondent, and other
  • Abbreviations: CHW, community health worker; FBO, faith-based organization; NGO, nongovernmental organization.