Gaps and Successful Sample Solutions Applied In Identifying and Managing Survivors of Gender-Based Violence, Recorded by Provincial General Hospital County Referral iDARE Team, Kenya

Gaps in GBV Identification and ManagementSuccessful Solutions
Lack of identification pointsSensitize management and other departments, including training on screening and referral of survivors to the GBV clinic.
Lack of provider knowledge and skill to care for GBV survivors
Reporting tools only identify sexual GBVImplement new registry that reports on physical, emotional, financial, and sexual violence.
Single GBV registry for case reporting, and no registry at the drop-in centerProvide expanded GBV registry for each department.
Provide expanded GBV registry for the drop-in center.
Staff shortage and high workload, especially during COVID-19 pandemicSensitize and train community health volunteers and community health workers on GBV care.
Lack of community knowledge of resourcesProvide health talks to the community, targeting survivors.
Provide literature to survivors with information on services.
Disorganized GBV data management across departmentsForm a WhatsApp group to assist in the management of data.
  • Abbreviations: COVID-19, coronavirus disease; GBV, gender-based violence.