TABLE. Advantages and Disadvantages of Current Intramuscular DMPA Injectable
• Highly effective• Bleeding side effects
• Coitally independent• Weight gaina
• Possible to use without partner's knowledge• Reduced bone density (temporary)
• Lasts a full 3 months• Not advised during early breastfeeding by WHO
• 1-month grace period for reinjection• Delayed return to fertility
• Safe and suitable for nearly all women• Higher initial blood dosage than needed for efficacy
• Relatively low cost• Requires repeated visits
• Easy for providers• System burden (eg, supply chain, staff time)
• Somewhat easy and convenient for clients• Provider bias (eg, reluctance to offer it to young women)
• Amenable to community-based distribution• Poor continuation
• Implicated for possible increased HIV risk
  • a Weight gain may be perceived as positive by some women.