TABLE 4. Results From the Rwanda SDM Scale-Up Facility Assessment and Simulated Client Study, April 2009
Facility Audit (N = 118 facilities)%
Facilities in which the program manager said that SDM was offered89.9
Facilities with health providers trained to offer SDM94.1
Facilities in which CycleBeads were available on day of audit94.0
Facilities experiencing stockouts of SDM in the 3 months prior to the audit7.6
Provider Interviews (N = 155 providers)%
Trained providers that demonstrated correct knowledge of SDM (on 4 key indicators)78.0–97.2
Trained providers who offered SDM to at least 1 client in the 3 months preceding the interview90.8
Simulated Clients (N = 28 simulated client visits)%
Received SDM counseling during the visit78.6
Received CycleBeads during the visit75.0
Correctly screened for cycle regularity81.8
  • Abbreviation: SDM, Standard Days Method.