HSS Strategies to Integrate GHS and UHC

Explicit governance, organizational, and management strategies to promote the integration of GHS and UHC at the subnational levelAlign national and local priorities and policies to ensure that GHS remains a critical component of PHC priorities and strategies.
Integrate the supply chain system with a focus on forecasting, transportation, storage, and stock management to promote efficiency, good stewardship of donated commodities, and limit waste.
Strengthen cold chain supply systems.
Integrate public health campaigns, including vaccinations, mass drug administration, and bed net distribution to ensure they are a planned aspect of district health program management rather than separate donor-driven efforts.
Flexible finance systems that consider exceptional emergenciesDevelop a transparent process for using local funds for emergency/outbreak response.
Strengthen subnational budget oversight and encourage the use of transparent financial management systems.
Coordination to institute clear lines of communicationGenerate clear definitions of shared cross-cutting objectives and aligned leadership roles.
Engage the community and multiple stakeholders in defining and addressing population health needs.
Develop and implement plans for shared infrastructure that included international points of entry and the cross-border districts.
Reboot mechanisms that promote sharing and collaborative use of data and analytics.
Create an explicit platform for donor coordination at the subnational level with clear links to government systems and local partners as applicable.
Integration of programs and institutions at the subnational level into a comprehensive range of preventive, curative, and rehabilitative health activitiesEstablish a senior-level position within the DHMT to coordinate HSS and GHS strategies.
Strengthen the planning and management capacity of the DHMT with a focus on the mandate and the ability to integrate programs and institutions into a single, comprehensive district health system.
Leverage resources from private-sector providers, including memoranda of understanding and public-private partnerships at district, facility, and community levels.
Provide community health care workers with coordinated roles in pandemic prevention and response.
  • Abbreviations: DHMT, district health management team; GHS, global health security; HSS, health system strengthening; PHC, primary health care; UHC, universal health coverage.