Average Cost Per Vaccine Dose Delivered in Vietnam Using the 2017 Schedule

Delivery StrategyNo. of FacilitiesNo. Doses Delivered in 2017 (%)Fiscal Cost of Delivery
Cost Per Dose, 2018 US$Standard Error95% CI
Routine: TT vaccination for girls aged 15–16-years in high-risk areas1,100,000 (100)
    Facility-based vaccination37305,723 (27.8)1.760.011.74, 1.79
    Outreach vaccination5137,354 (12.5)3.860.123.63, 4.09
    School-based vaccination18656,923 (59.7)1.490.021.46, 1.52
Td vaccination through campaigns482,603 (100)3.560.063.35, 3.57
  • Abbreviations: CI, confidence interval; Td, tetanus-diphtheria; TT, tetanus toxoid.