Implementation Intensity of Health and Nutrition Interventions With Self-Help Groups at the Group and Community Level, 2 States in India

Group LevelCommunity Level
Study DetailsFrequency of HN Meetings (Per Month), Based on ObservationsLength of HN Discussion, as Observed Per Meeting, MinutesWomen Members (With Child Aged Younger Than 2 Years) Reported Participation in HN Meetings, %Program Duration, MonthsGroup Dissolution Over Intervention Period, %
Parivartan pilot (2013–2014)174Not reported80.3a1227b
Parivartan pilot (2013–2016)321Not reported65.1a363b
JEEViKA multisectoral pilot (2016–2018)33210Na30Not reported
JEEViKA-JTSP nutrition pilot (2017–2018)12726.9c12Not reported
JEEViKA Mobile Vaani pilot, JTSP (2017–2018)12018.7c12Not reported
UPCMP (2014)341Not reported37.94Not reported
UPCMP (2015–2017)3512344.2c2424
UPCMP (2015–2019)12018.9c4833
  • Abbreviations: HN, health and nutrition; JTSP, JEEViKA Technical Support Program; UPCMP, Uttar Pradesh Community Mobilization Program.

  • a Based on calculation using questions on (1) participation in group meetings and (2) “Does your group ever discuss health topics related to pregnant women and young mothers?”

  • b Parivartan groups merged into JEEViKA during 2016–2017; many members joined JEEViKA SHGs.

  • c Based on calculation using questions (1) participation in group meetings and (2) “How many times in a typical month are health issues discussed during SHG meetings?”