Pregnancy Outcomes and Maternal and Perinatal Health Indicators by Health Facility Type, Kigoma Region, 2013 and 2018

Kigoma RegionHospitalsHealth CentersDispensaries
20132018% Change20132018% Change20132018% Change20132018% Change
Number of health facilities17419713%660%25278%14316415%
Maternal outcomes
    Number of facility deliveries38,17785,187123%11,63714,02220%12,50525,517104%14,03545,648225%
    Number of direct obstetric complicationsa5,7699,21760%3,8694,83725%1,7933,48294%107898739%
    Number of cesarean deliveries2,2904,47195%1,7932,88961%4971,582218%00N/A
    Number of maternal deaths (direct and indirect)11414830%89912%224186%316433%
    Number of direct maternal deaths10212926%7978-1%203995%312300%
Perinatal outcomes
    Number of births delivered in facilities38,63786,162123%11,82214,27021%12,69525,918104%14,12045,974226%
    Number of live births delivered in facilities37,60685,054126%11,23713,78023%12,32825,427106%14,04145,847227%
    Number of stillbirths delivered in facilities1,0311,1017%585489-16%36748632%7912659%
    Number of intrapartum stillbirths delivered in facilities556520-6%320267-17%191187-2%456647%
    Number of predischarge neonatal deaths40464961%26031622%129296129%1537147%
    Number of perinatal deaths (stillbirths and predischarge neonatal deaths)1,4351,75022%845805-5%49678258%9416373%
Kigoma RegionHospitalsHealth CentersDispensaries
20132018Sig. Levelb20132018Sig. Levelb20132018Sig. Levelb20132018Sig. Levelb
Maternal indicators
    Institutional delivery rate,c,d %48.884.9***13.514.0***14.725.4***20.645.5***
    Population cesarean delivery rate,d %2.64.5***2.12.9***0.61.6***0.00.0N/A
    Met need for EmONC, %44.061.3***29.532.2***13.723.1***0.86.0***
    Direct obstetric case fatality rate, %1.81.4**2.01.6NS1.11.1NS2.81.3NS
    Facility MMR (maternal deaths in facilities per 100,000 live births in facilities)303.1174.0***792.0660.4NS178.5161.2NS21.434.9NS
Perinatal indicators
    Stillbirth rate (per 1,000 live births and stillbirths)26.712.8***49.534.3***28.918.8***5.62.7***
    Intrapartum stillbirth rate (per 1,000 live births and stillbirths)14.46.0***27.118.7***15.07.2***3.21.4***
    Predischarge neonatal mortality rate (per 1,000 live births)10.77.6***23.122.9NS10.511.6NS1.10.8NS
    Perinatal mortality rate (per 1,000 live births and stillbirths)37.120.3***71.556.4***39.130.2***6.73.5***
  • Abbreviations: DHIS, district health information systems, EmONC, emergency obstetric and neonatal care; MMR, maternal mortality ratio; N/A, not applicable; Sig. Level, significance level.

  • a Includes antepartum, intrapartum, and postpartum hemorrhage, eclampsia/preeclampsia, puerperal sepsis, obstructed labor/uterine rupture, other direct obstetric complications (e.g., embolism, anesthetic complications), and first trimester complications related to all pregnancy losses.

  • b Asterisks indicate significance levels calculated with a z-statistic as follows: ***=P <.01, **=P <.05, *=P<.1, NS=not significant.

  • c The institutional delivery rate in 2013 includes imputations using DHIS-reported number of deliveries for missing months of outcomes, which were primarily in dispensaries. All other indicators were calculated without these imputations, as DHIS only contains aggregate data.

  • d The institutional delivery rate and the cesarean delivery rate use the expected annual number of live births in the regional population as denominators, as shown in Table 2.