Key Maternal and Reproductive Health Population-Based Indicators for Tanzania (2004, 2010 and 2015/16), Western Zone (2004, 2010, 2015/16), and Kigoma Region (2004, 2010, 2014, 2015/6 and 2018), Women Aged 15–49 Years

TanzaniaWestern ZoneaKigoma Regionb
% Urban (women aged 15–49 years)28.428.536.3N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A19.7N/A24.0
% Literate (women aged 15–49 years)67.372.276.855.
Total fertility rate (births per woman)
Currently using any method of contraception (women in union)26.4%34.4%38.4%12.8%20.1%22.8%19.8%25.2%20.6%24.1%26.3%
Currently using modern contraception (women in union)i20.0%27.4%32.5%8.7%14.6%19.3%12.2%14.4%15.6%17.5%21.0%
Attended at least 4 antenatal care visits61.5%42.8%50.6%N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A42.1%N/A57.7%
Delivered in a health facility47.1%50.2%62.6%45.5%36.5%49.7%39%33.3%47.1%46.1%77.0%
Delivered by cesarean section3.2%4.5%5.9%1.8%2.8%3.2%1.9%2.0%3.5%4.0%5.2%
Perinatal mortality rate (per 1,000 births)j423639282932N/AN/A29N/A32
Maternal mortality ratio (per 100,000 live births)578454556N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Under-5 mortality rate (per 1,000 live births)11281671389869N/AN/A56N/A48
  • Abbreviation: N/A, data not available.

  • a Includes Tabora, Shinyanga, and Kigoma regions.

  • b Regional estimates from national Demographic and Health Surveys conducted in 2004, 2010, and 2015/16 are based on small samples (200–500 women); maternal mortality at subnational level not available due to small sample sizes.

  • c Population projections based on the 2002 and 2012 census rounds.21

  • d Source: 2004 Tanzania Demographic and Health Survey.3

  • e Source: 2010 Tanzania Demographic and Health Survey.22

  • f Source: 2015–2016 Tanzania Demographic and Health Survey.17

  • g Source: 2014 Kigoma Reproductive Health Survey.23

  • h Source: 2018 Kigoma Reproductive Health Survey.24

  • i Modern contraception includes male or female sterilization, intrauterine contraceptive devices, injectables, implants, pills, male or female condoms, diaphragms, foam or jelly, lactational amenorrhea method, and emergency contraception.

  • j Stillbirths and early neonatal deaths that occurred in the 5 years before the survey per 1,000 total births (stillbirths and live births).