Actions to Build Capacity, Establish Processes, and Promote Synergy at the Subnational Level

Create capacity within district health management teams to include all health professionals in one comprehensive system with management and deployment coordinated, as necessaryPromote the capacity for rapid response with teams capable of investigating and responding to outbreaks.
Strengthen systems that promote strategic production, institutionalization, (re)deployment, and retention of human resources in alignment with needs that are defined at both national and subnational levels.
Facilitate and implement models that integrate public health and health systems for optimal leverage and strategic use of human resources.
Institute structures that sustain and advance one-health technical capacities as well as those that strengthen programs at academic and training institutions.
Empower district and regional managers to promote transparency concerning workloads and planning among all health professionals regardless of current supervisory or management structures.
Build sustainable capacity to develop and implement laws, regulations, and policies within each countryStrengthen links between the community, civil society, and the private sector to increase transparency and accountability.
Establish a participatory process that deliberately includes and empowers subnational authorities in the policy development and implementation process.
Support a culture of evidence-based decision making, collaboration, and improved information sharingSupport strategic improvements in methods used to integrate health information systems including relevant health surveillance data.
Strengthen reporting systems and establish agreements, protocols, processes, and regulations that govern reporting at the country, regional, and global levels.
Institute robust facility-level protocols and programs to prevent and control infectionsSupport regular training and review of protocols in all health-related facilities.
Combat antimicrobial resistance by supporting the translation of national rational use guidelines for medicines to subnational level actions.
Address human and animal health, food production, and environmental aspects through multisectoral engagement and collaboration.