First Change Package Developed by Share-Net Jordan During Action Period 1

Problem StatementLack of coordination, sharing, translating, and using knowledge and establishment of consensus around possible solutions between different stakeholders to address child marriage in Jordan.
AimTo effectively share, translate, and use knowledge among stakeholders where consensus is established around evidence-informed policies and practices related to child marriage in Jordan.
Key DriversaChange Ideasb (Concepts)Specific ActionsResponsibilityOutput MeasureOutcome Measure
Collaboration and engagement among stakeholdersStakeholders are actively engaged in a collective effort to address child marriageForm a steering committee composed of different stakeholders to define roles and responsibilities around reduction of child marriage (Action period 1)Country teamEstablished steering committeeStakeholders executing their defined and agreed-upon roles and responsibilities
Organize 2 round tables (Action period 1)Country teamOrganized 2 round tablesStakeholders established consensus on strategies, initiatives, and activities needed to prevent child marriage
Conduct 2 workshops for stakeholders to develop a national action plan around the recommendations derived from round tables (Action periods 1 and 2)Country teamConducted 2 workshops
Developed draft national action plan
Strategies, initiatives, and activities around child marriage are adopted in stakeholders' plans
Finalize national action plan (Action period 1 and 2)Country team and local stakeholdersFinalized national action plan around the recommendations that have been approved by the cabinetInitiatives and/or interventions are implemented jointly by different stakeholders
  • a Key drivers are the conditions that need to be in place to achieve the goal.

  • b A change idea is a general notion or approach to change found to be useful in developing specific actions that lead to improvement.