Survey Respondents' Willingness to Pay for HIV Treatment Services in Nigeria (N=400)

VariablesNo. (%)
Willing to pay for treatment if free treatment is stopped366 (91.50)
Willingness to pay with increasing income371 (92.75)
Willingness to pay with decreasing income114 (28.50)
Sources of payment for treatment
    Family/friends34 (9.28)
    Personal income80 (21.86)
    Personal income with family/friends252 (68.85)
Type of health facility preferred for paid services
    Government hospital327 (89.83)
    Private hospital37 (10.08)
Preferred mode of payment
    Annual payment to the hospital37 (10.11)
    Payment on the day you come to the hospital272 (74.32)
    Payment through health insurance premium57 (15.57)