Overview of Partnering Practices and Sources of Evidence From the Scoping Review and Critical Interpretive Synthesis

Domains of PracticePartnering PracticesPromising Ways to Put These Practices Into ActionSources of Evidence From Scoping Review/ Critical Interpretive Synthesis (First Author)
Governance and processPractices that have to do with assigning authority, making decisions, and creating accountability as people work together toward an agreed end.
Ways in which partnerships set priorities and directions, seek alignment between personal, organizational, and partnership goals; set intentions; and determine who gets to be involved in these processes.
Set shared priorities and objectivesBeran,16 Buse,17 Citrin,18 Dean,19 El Bcheraoui,20 Herrick,21 John,22 Kamya,23 Leffers,24 Lips,25 Neuhann26, Njelesani,27 Pattberg,28 Perez-Escamilla,29 Yarmoshuk30
Make decisions with transparencyBeran, Bruen,31 Buse, Citrin, Coffey,32 Herrick, John, Kamya, Perez-Escamilla, Steenhoff,33 Storr,34 Upvall35
Establish shared values and visionBeran, Birch,36 Buse, Citrin, Coffey, El-Bcheraoui, John, Lipsky, Murphy, Ndenga,37 Pattberg, Shriharan,38 Underwood,39 Yarmoshuk, Yassi40
Articulate needs and expectations of what skills, roles, people are neededBeran, Herrick, Lipsky, Pattberg, Sandwell
Establish agreements (e.g., memorandum of understanding)Beran, Buse, Lipsky, Steenhoff
Create transparent accountability mechanismsBruen, Perez-Escamilla
Prioritize authentic partnering and reciprocityBeran, Dean, Kamya, John, Murphy, Neuhann, Njelesani, Ridde,41 Sriharan, Storr, Theissen,42 Yarmoshuk
Share leadership, decision makingBeran, Coffey, Dean, Kamya, Lipsky, Neuhann, Pattberg, Steenhoff, Storr, Theissen, Upvall
Clarify roles and responsibilitiesBirch, John, Kamya, Lipsky, Neuhann, Pattberg
Communicate clearly and oftenBeran, Birch, Coffey, Dean, John, Neuhann, Njelesani, Perez-Escamilla, Ridde, Steenhoff, Storr
Build trust and relationshipsBeran, Birch, Buse, Citrin, Coffey, Herrick, John, Kamya, Leffers, Lipsky, Ndenga, Njelesani, Pattberg, Ramaswamy,43 Sandwell, Sriharan, Storr, Theissen, Upvall, Yassi
Plan for sustainable resourcing and financesBeran, Birch, Buse, Dean, Herrick, John, Leffers, Lipsky, Pattberg, Sandwell, Steenhoff, Yarmoshuk, Yassi
Procedures and operationsPractices that have to do with the day-to-day management and conduct of work by people involved in the partnership. These practices include what routine opportunities people are afforded by virtue of participating in the partnership (e.g., gaining skills) and the day-to-day operational procedures (e.g., budget allocation; how resources are shared).Use conflict-resolution mechanismsBruen, Buse, Lipsky, Neuhann, Pattberg, Perez-Escamilla, Steenhoff
Distribute resources equitablyBeran, Citrin, Dean, Herrick, Neuhann, Pattberg, Storr, Yarmoshuk
Provide fair salaries and compensationDean, Herrick, Ridde, Yarmoshuk
Be aware of, and respond to, local needs, cultures, and contextsBeran, Birch, Citrin, Coffey, John, Leffers, Ramaswamy, Ridde, Sriharan, Storr, Underwood, Upvall, Yarmoshuk
Actively monitor ethical issuesBirch, Buse, Murphy, Njelesani, Ridde, Yassi
Use transparent management and evaluation mechanismsBirch, Bruen, Citrin, El Bcheraoui, Kamya, Lipsky, Njelesani, Neuhann, Pattberg, Ramaswamy, Steenhoff, Yassi
Do risk assessments and mitigate unpredictable (or unintended) changes, impacts, and risksBuse, Murphy, Pattberg, Ridde, Steenhoff
Recognize contributionsBeran, Buse, Kamya, Lipsky
Make efforts to mitigate inequities in wealth, resources, and powerDean, Herrick, Murphy, Njelesani, Pattberg, Ridde, Yarmoshuk, Yassi
Recognize inequities that exist both within the partnership setting and between partnersBirch, Buse, Herrick, Njelesani, Pattberg, Ridde, Storr, Underwood, Upvall, Yarmoshuk
Adopt adaptive, flexible, responsive implementation approachesCitrin, Lipsky, Perez-Escamilla, Ramaswamy
Use evidence to inform actionBuse, El-Bcheraoui, Pattberg
Provide access to mentoring and trainingBirch, Dean, Herrick, John, Leffers, Ridde, Steenhoff, Underwood, Upvall, Yarmoshuk
Progress and impactsPractices that have to do with determining and setting goals for personal, partner, community, and overall benefits of the partnership and its outputs, outcomes, and products—both actual and potential (e.g., alignment with local priorities), including long-term sustainability of the partnership and/or its benefits.Monitor performance and impactsBeran, Bruen, Buse, Dean, Herrick, Leffers, Pattberg, Ramaswamy, Yassi
Focus on learning and solutionsCitrin, Dean, El-Bcheraoui, John, Neuhann, Njelesani, Ramaswamy, Ridde, Storr, Underwood, Upvall, Yassi
Plan knowledge translation efforts that respond to local needsBeran, Birch, Coffey, Murphy, Njelesani
Consider long-term vision and impacts, including on human rights, environment, Sustainable Developments Goals, how the partnership will advance equityBirch, Citrin, Coffey, El-Bcheraoui, Herrick, John, Leffers, Lipsky, Njelesani, Pattberg, Perez-Escamilla, Ramaswamy, Steenhoff, Storr, Theissen
Prioritize positive local impactsBuse, Citrin, Coffey, Herrick, Lipsky, Neuhann, Pattberg, Ramaswamy, Ridde, Sriharan
Actively enable people to make meaningful contributionsBeran, Buse, Coffey, Dean, Lipsky, Njelesani, Ridde, Upvall, Yassi
Consider equity in authorship and publicationCitrin, Dean, Murphy, Ridde
Power and inclusionPractices that have to do with awareness and responsiveness to power dynamics, issues of equity and representation, voice, feelings of genuine inclusion, and relational experience of being in a partnership.Practice inclusive, participatory processes that value different perspectivesCoffey, Lipsky, Murphy, Ngenga, Neuhann, Njelesani, Ridde, Sriharan, Theissen, Yarmoshuk, Yassi
Know and use partners' strengthsBuse, Lipsky, Neuhann, Njelesani, Ramaswamy, Ridde, Sandwell, Theissen, Upvall
Include diverse perspectives and all the relevant stakeholders, especially across genders and by communities intended as beneficiariesBeran, Birch, Bruen, Buse, Coffey, Kamya, Leffers, Ridde, Sandwell, Steenhoff, Theissen, Yarmoshuk
Seek to understand diverse perspectives and their relationship to power, mitigate power imbalancesBeran, Citrin, Coffey, Dean, John, Murphy, Njelesani, Ridde, Sriharan, Storr, Upvall
Value and recognize technical skillsBeran, Kamya, Lipsky, Njelesani
Strive for reciprocityCitrin, Kamya, Lipsky, Njelesani, Ridde, Sandwell, Theissen, Upvall, Yarmoshuk
Invite genuine participation, listen actively to all relevant stakeholders, avoid token involvementBeran, Citrin, Dean, Ridde, Sandwell, Sriharan, Storr, Theissen, Yarmoshuk