Table 3. Baseline Demographic Characteristics of the Matched Baseline–Midterm Analysis Samples,a by Country (%)
CharacteristicIndia (UP) (N = 4,029)Kenya (N = 3,205)Nigeria (N = 4,303)Senegal (N = 1,538)
Age group
Wealth group
 No religion2.080.05
Marital status
 Never marriedNA25.7130.11NA
 In unionNA63.3765.83NA
  • Abbreviation: NA, not applicable (sample includes only women in union); UP, Uttar Pradesh.

  • a The matched analysis sample comprised, in India, women in union and not sterilized at baseline; in Kenya and Nigeria, all women; and in Senegal, women in union at baseline.

  • b Includes “other” category.

  • c Includes Christian and “other” categories.