Table 2. Odds Ratios for Care-Seeking for Sick Children in Kabeho Mwana Project Districts vs. Non-Project Districts After Controlling for 2005–2010 Gains in Both Types of Districts
ConditionsUnadjusted OR (95% CI)Adjusted ORa (95% CI)
Diarrhea2.47*** (1.47–4.15)2.56*** (1.47–4.46)
Fever2.49*** (1.66–3.73)2.54*** (1.68–3.85)
ARI symptoms2.53** (1.29–4.95)2.35** (1.20–4.62)
All 3 conditions2.31*** (1.66–3.21)2.24*** (1.60–3.16)
  • Abbreviations: ARI, acute respiratory infection; CI, confidence interval; iCCM, integrated community case management; OR, odds ratio.

  • a Adjusted to control for the duration of time since implementation of iCCM, the district (as a fixed categorical effect), and whether malaria was endemic in the district. All of the tests are one-tailed.

  • * P≤.05, ** P≤.01, *** P≤.001.