Ranking of Results of Round 2 Survey on Questions Related to Respectful Care for Newborns

Frequency in Top 3, No. (%)Weighted Mean ScoreaLevel of Importance (Top 3 in Category)
Descriptive questions (N=52)
 What are the manifestations of disrespectful care or mistreatment of newborns that are observed in the context of facility based maternity care?25 (48.1)3.0High (1)
 How is respectful care of newborns defined by parents, by providers, and by the population in general?19 (36.5)3.1High (2)
 What are the perceptions and beliefs of health workers that affect the quality of care they provide to newborns?15 (28.9)3.4High (3)
 What is the prevalence of disrespect of newborns in health care facilities?14 (26.9)3.4High (3)
Implementation questions (N=50)
 How can respectful care of newborns be promoted as the standard of care in a given health facility?20 (40.0)3.1High (1)
 How can health facility and management challenges be overcome to improve respectful care for newborns?17 (34.0)3.3High (2)
 What are the successful strategies for advocating for respectful care of newborns?13 (26.0)3.5High (3)
Measurement questions (N=47)
 What are the measurable and appropriate quantitative metrics for respectful care of newborns?35 (74.5)2.1High (1)
 What is the impact of positive maternal prenatal and intra-partum experiences on birth outcomes?17 (36.2)3.3High (2)
 How can respectful care for newborns be measured qualitatively?17 (36.2)3.5High (3)
  • a The lowest mean represents the highest importance.