Estimates for Each Lancet Commission on Global Surgery Indicator in Kenyaa

PreoperativeSurgical workforce density20 per 100,000 population2.3521
Access to essential surgical care80% of population within 2 hours of a facility capable of performing 3 bellwether procedures>90%16
PerioperativePOMR systemPresence of a national POMR systemAbsent
Surgical volume5,000 procedures per 100,000 population25226–11,11027 
PostoperativeRisk of impoverishing expenditure100% protection63.6%36
Risk of catastrophic expenditure100% protection78.8%37
  • Abbreviation: POMR, perioperative mortality rate.

  • aNo national POMR system is present to our knowledge. Multiple estimates are provided for postoperative indicators where conflicting information is given by multiple credible sources.