Table 1. Baseline Maternal and Infant Characteristics Stratified by Infant Vital Status at Day 28 of Life
CharacteristicInfant Survivors (n = 1,846)Infant Deaths (n = 43)All Neonates (N = 1,889)P Value
Maternal Characteristics
Age, y, mean (SD)25.3 (0.15)25.7 (1.27)25.3 (0.15).77
Education (highest level attained), %.41
 Some primary69.258.168.9
 Some secondary13.820.914.0
 Some higher0.30.00.3
Marital status, %.84
 Never married7.39.37.4
No. of ANC visits attended, mean (SD)3.3 (0.03)3.2 (0.21)3.3 (0.03).67
Receipt of treatment
 IPT of malaria with SP, %89.883.789.6.20
 Deworming treatments, %65.955.865.6.01
 Folic acid supplementation, %85.595.385.8.07
 Iron supplementation, %92.590.792.5.65
 Tetanus toxoid, %72.865.172.6.26
Infant Characteristics
Female, %50.532.650.1.02
Gestational age at birth, weeks, mean (SD)38.0 (0.31)43.0 (2.19)38.1 (0.31).33
Exclusively breastfed, %96.886.096.6<.001
  • Abbreviations: ANC, antenatal care; IPT, intermittent preventive therapy; SD, standard deviation; SP, sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine.