Table 2. Characteristics of the Intervention TBAs (N = 60)
Female, %100
Age, y, mean (SD)49.2 (0.79)
Years working as TBA, mean (SD)6.3 (0.81)
 Total years of education, mean (SD)6.3 (0.48)
 Never attended school, %5.0
 Primary education only, %78.3
Main occupation, %
Source(s) of training prior to LUNESP,a %
 Trained by family11.5
 Trained by community, not family42.6
 Trained by Lufwanyama DHMT60.3
 Trained by another government organization33.3
 Trained by an NGO32.7
  • Abbreviations: DHMT, district health management team; LUNESP, Lufwanyama Neonatal Survival Project; NGO, nongovernmental organization; SD, standard deviation; TBA, traditional birth attendant.

  • a TBAs often received training from more than 1 source.