Table 1. Characteristics of NGO Sample
Organizational Focus (n = 20)
 Cervical cancer screening3
 Maternal–child health1
 Medical clinic3
 Medical/surgery mission trips4
 Primary health care2
 Reproductive health7
Type of Program (n = 20)
 Service provision13
 Service provision and training course4
 Training course3
Service Provision Model (n = 17)
 Community campaigns6
 Comprehensive care7
 Comprehensive care and community campaigns1
 VIA clinic3
Collaboration With MOH (n = 20)
Region (n = 20)
 Central Highlands6
 Central Highlands and Pacific Coast1
 Pacific Coast1
 Peten and Verapaces1
 Western Highlands3
 Western Highlands and Verapaces1
  • Abbreviations: MOH, Ministry of Health; NGO, nongovernmental organization; VIA, visual inspection with acetic acid.