TABLE 4. Experiences With the LNG IUS Among Marie Stopes/Kenya Providers (N = 27)
Provider Experiences% Distribution
Number of LNG IUS insertions performed since completing training
Method most comfortable describing and providing
 Copper IUD0
 Subdermal implant48
 All the same52
Method least comfortable describing and providing
 Copper IUD4
 Subdermal implant0
 All the same52
Do you think clients easily understand the difference between the copper IUD and the LNG IUS?
Is the 10+ years duration of use for the copper IUD a significant reason women will choose it instead of the LNG IUS that only lasts for 5 years?
 Do not know4
Did you ever have a stockout of the LNG IUS?
If the LNG IUS is not available, what method do women choose instead?
 Subdermal implant70
 Copper IUD30
Will the LNG IUS attract new clients to long-acting contraception?
How important are noncontraceptive benefits of the LNG IUS to your clients?
 Very important70
 Somewhat important30
  • Abbreviations: IUD, intrauterine device; LNG IUS, levonorgestrel intrauterine system.