Stunting-Related Interventions Included in the Models

Interventions in the Lives Saved Tool That Affect StuntingInterventions Covered in the Great CrusadeInterventions Included in the ModelsReason Not Included in ModelsBaseline (2020) Coverages, %
Calcium supplementation in pregnant womenXData not available
Multiple micronutrient supplementation in pregnancyXX82.3
Breastfeeding (early initiation)XX66.2
Complementary feeding educationXX62.6
Complementary feeding education and supplementary feedingXX62.6
Vitamin A supplementationXX26.0
Zinc supplementationXX86.1
Basic sanitationXX65.4
Point-of-use water filter or piped in waterXX89.2
Handwashing with soapXX76.9
Rotavirus (2 doses)XX88.4
Kangaroo mother careXData not available
Balanced energy supplementationNot described in the Great Crusade
Insecticide-treated nets and indoor residual spraying for malaria controlXNot epidemiologically significant
Intermittent preventive treatment of malaria in pregnancyXNot epidemiologically significant