TABLE 3. Item Means, Grouped by Factor, by CHW Level of Activity
Total (N = 183)Highly Active (n = 88)Less Active (n = 69)
Motivational Outcomes
Overall, I am very satisfied with being an FP CHW.3.783.733.85
I would recommend to my children that they become CHWs.3.503.573.48
I am glad to be working as an FP CHW rather than in some other volunteer position in the community.
I feel very little commitment to the FP CHW program.a1.351.391.33
I enjoy working in my community to make it better, even if it is without pay.3.773.813.74
I do not think that it makes good sense to spend any time working in my community without payment.a1.551.461.57
I have no intention to keep doing my FP CHW work without pay.a1.421.361.40
Motivational Determinants
My FP CHW work takes so much time that I am worried about how to support myself and my family.a2.132.032.07
My family complains about the demands of my FP CHW work.a1.531.651.39
Serving as an FP CHW will not help my chances of getting a better job in the future.a1.451.511.47
Talking about FP with my clients is very embarrassing.a1.271.241.33
It is difficult to help clients find the method that is right for them.a1.541.371.59
Contraceptive use often makes people sick.a2.162.212.05
Overall, my supervisors provide helpful feedback and support.3.773.723.74
I can probably perform most of my activities without additional training.2.512.502.58
The FP CHW program provides all the equipment and material I need to do my job well.
It is easy to find women who are interested in receiving an FP method in this community.3.673.643.75
  • Abbreviations: CHW, community health worker; FP, family planning.

  • Level of activity of CHWs was based on data from service statistics, which were available for 157 CHWs.

  • Items were scored from 1 = “Disagree a lot” to 4 = “Agree a lot.” Nonresponses varied across items. Weighted means are reported.

  • a Item was reverse-scored before factor analysis.