Health Care Provider Knowledge, Experience, and Confidence in Designated Delivery Hospitals and Sampled Primary Care Facilities, Kakamega County, Kenya

Health Care Providers in Primary Care Facilitiesa(n=65)Health Care Providers in Designated Hospitalsb (n=73)Comparison (P Value)c
Average knowledge scores54%57%.084
Managed complication in past 12 months
    Severe pre-eclampsia/eclampsia18%82%<.001d
    Post-partum hemorrhage57%89%<.001d
    Obstructed labor38%67%.001d
    Newborn resuscitation62%89%<.001d
    All 4 complications11%59%<.001d
Very confident in ability to manage complication
    Severe pre-eclampsia/eclampsia49%79%<.001d
    Postpartum hemorrhage77%92%.015d
    Obstructed labor51%68%.034d
    Newborn resuscitation71%74%.674
    All 4 complications28%45%.033d
  • a Health care providers in primary care facilities include 11 clinical officers and 54 nurses/midwives.

  • b Health care providers in the designated hospitals include 9 doctors, 12 clinical officers, and 52 nurses/midwives.

  • c A 2-sided student t-test was used for the comparison of the knowledge scores and a chi square test was used for the comparison of all the other variables.

  • d A P value <.05 indicates statistical significance.