Current Infrastructural and Human Resource Capacity and Gaps for Redesign Across 16 Designated Hospitals, Kakamega County, Kenya

Current AvailableCurrent GapGap in Near-Term Redesign ScenarioaGap in Long-Term Redesign Scenarioa
    Total maternity beds (including delivery beds)419−120b137457
    Functional operating rooms13999
    Facilities providing blood transfusion10666
    Facilities with functional newborn units3131313
Human resources
    Clinical officers and nurses/midwives204183511881
  • a Near-term scenario is the case where deliveries that would have occurred in a facility (45,440 deliveries) are shifted to the 16 designated hospitals, while long-term scenario is the situation in which all deliveries in Kakamega County, both home and facility (72,552 deliveries) are shifted to the 16 redesign facilities. Both scenarios are set in 2021.

  • b This indicates excess capacity of 120 beds.

  • c Includes medical officers (general practitioners) and obstetrician/gynecologists.