Key Themes and Subthemes From a 1-Day Workshop on the Uganda CHW Program

Lessons Learned in Implementing CHW ProgramsChallenges Affecting CHW ProgramsStrategies to Improve CHW PerformanceEnsuring Sustainability of CHW Programs
Capacity building and use of technologyPoor coordinationStrengthen recruitment, training, and retention strategies of CHWsInstitutionalization of CHW programs
Supervision and motivationFragmented data systemsImprove motivation of CHWsSustainable funding
Stakeholder engagement and collaborationHigh program expectationsStreamline coordination mechanismsEconomic empowerment of CHWs
Inadequate support mechanismsDevelop and strengthen community health policiesLocal ownership of CHW programs
High dropout ratesStrengthened CHW research agenda
  • Abbreviation: CHW, community health worker.