Summary of Antiretroviral Drug Home Delivery Interventions in 4 Countries

Implementation period reportedMay–Nov 2020Apr–Nov 2020Mar–Sep 2020May–Sep 2020
Client groupsaGeneral population/rural populationKey populations, their partners and children, and other priority populationsFemale sex workers, MSM, transgender people, and migrants and their spousesMSM/transgender people and their partners who are living with HIV
No. of facilities participating in home delivery21109193
Recommended frequency of clinical consultation for established ART clientsEvery 6 monthsEvery 6 monthsEvery 6 monthsEvery 6 months
Recommended frequency of viral load testing for established ART clientsEvery 6 monthsEvery 12 monthsEvery 12 monthsEvery 6 months (for first year) and every 12 months for year 2 onward
Modification for viral load testing during the COVID-19 pandemicSample collection in the communityTransport of samples to private laboratoriesSample collection in the communityNo change: facility-based collection required
Clients who received home delivery, n (% of eligible for home delivery)4,138 (51)4,948 (19)2,836 (21)126 (26)
  • Abbreviations: ART, antiretroviral therapy; MSM, men who have sex with men.

  • a Terms reflect client groups' preferred descriptions.