TABLE 1. Program Inputs and Levels Used in the Discrete Choice Experiment (DCE)
Program InputsLevel 1Level 2Level 3
Training5-day initial training and 3-day supervised practicum at health centerSame as Level 1 + 3-day refresher training once a yearN/A
SupervisionMonthly CHW meetings at health centerSame as Level 1 + quarterly visit by health center staff in the communityN/A
IncentivesCHW kit with gumboots, raincoat, job aids, and stationeryCHW kit + T-shirt + badgeCHW kit + T-shirt + badge + bicycle
Transportation refund5,000 UGX for each meeting10,000 UGX for each meetingN/A
CommunicationNo mobile phoneMobile phone without airtimeN/A
  • Abbreviations: CHW, community health worker; N/A, not applicable; UGX, Ugandan Shilling.