Design Compared to 3 Approaches in Global Health

Participatory ResearchQISociobehavioral ResearchDesign
Related terms and approaches
  • CBPR

  • Participatory action research

  • Youth participatory action research

  • Lean

  • QI

  • Continuous QI

  • Performance improvement

  • TQM

  • PDSA

  • Six Sigma

  • Qualitative research

  • Social-behavioral research

  • Formative research

  • Cultural anthropology

  • HCD

  • Design thinking

  • User-centered design

FramingPartner with communities to define the problems that matter to themUnderstand problems in context of existing systems and subsystemsUse qualitative research methods, sometimes ethnographic approaches; formally approach sampling, recruitment, data collection, analysisUnderstand problems in context; use methods from qualitative research, with flexibility to adapt approaches
IntentionGenerate research for future action; develop localized ownership and solutionsImprove existing systems using a continuous approach to testing and measurementProvide inputs to program design or general knowledgeFundamentally innovate, through creative processes and prototyping; sometimes improve existing systems
CollaborationPartner with community members, establish long-term relationshipsIdentify teams within an existing organization or systemCreate qualitative research teams, who sometimes immerse in a group or cultureUsers may be partners, participants, or subjects in design; engagements are days or weeks, not months or years
OutputsResearch; community ownership of research; community capacity buildingMeasurably improved processes within existing systemsPeer-reviewed research; ethnographic accounts; program recommendationsInnovation in form of service, product, strategy
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  • Abbreviations: CBPR, community-based participatory research; HCD, human-centered design; PDSA, plan-do-study-act; QI, quality improvement; TQM, total quality management.