TABLE 4. Implant Discontinuation Rates Among Clients Receiving Implants From MSI in Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, and Uganda, 2010
Duration of UseDiscontinuation Rate
EthiopiaaSierra LeoneaUgandab
(N = 562)(N = 433)(N = 470)
3 months0.4%0.7%2.7%
6 months0.7%3.0%N/A
8 months5.7%6.2%N/A
  • Abbreviations: MSI, Marie Stopes International; N/A, not applicable.

  • a Data from Ethiopia and Sierra Leone were collected in April 2010 during retrospective follow-up studies on women who received implants in 2009 at mobile outreach sites.19

  • b Data from Uganda were collected in a prospective cohort study among women receiving implants, IUDs, or tubal ligations between February and April 2010 at mobile outreach sites.41