TABLE 5. Main Attributes of LNG IUS Cited by Marie Stopes/Kenya Providers (N = 27)
Attribute% Distribution
Key information provided to clients to distinguish the LNG IUS from the copper IUDa
 Hormonal product85
 Reduces bleeding52
 Duration of use44
 Works locally in uterus15
 Prevents cancer15
Aspects of the LNG IUS that are attractive to clientsa
 Reduction of excessive menstrual bleeding59
 5-year product15
 Hormonal effect15
 Duration of use15
Aspects of the LNG IUS are unattractive to clientsa
 Contains hormones44
 Insertion procedure/modesty issues22
 Strings cause discomfort during sex19
What are the most important noncontraceptive benefits of the LNG IUS?a
 Reduces menstrual blood loss52
 Prevents cancer/uterine disease22
 Prevents anemia22
 Treats heavy menstrual blood loss22
 Alleviates pain during menses15
  • Abbreviations: IUD, intrauterine device; LNG IUS, levonorgestrel intrauterine system.

  • a Multiple responses allowed; only responses garnering at least 15% (n = 4) are shown.