Background Characteristics of Respondents in a Study to Assess the Effect of 2 Intervention Models on Family Planning Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors in Souhag and Port Said, Egypt

Souhag, %Port Said, %
Intervention (n=778)Comparison (n=699)Intervention (n=1,145)Comparison (n=621)
Age,a,b years
Education completeda,b
 Never attended/less than primary0.
Employment statusa
 Currently employed30.743.8100100
 Unemployed and searching36.824.500
 Out of labor force32.531.800
Marital statusa,b
 Never married55.534.940.548.0
 Engaged/marriage contract8.26.914.417.4
 Widowed/divorced/ separated2.
Number of living childrena,b
 3 or more9.621.35.13.4
Ever heard of a family planning methodb
 No/don’t know16.716.923.531.7
  • a Statistically significant for Souhag at P<.01.

  • b Statistically significant for Port Said at P<.01.