Data Parameters and Classification Used in 6 Rounds of Government of Malawi Resource Mapping

TypeData ElementDefinition of Data ElementIllustrative ExampleCorresponding NHA Dimension
1. Financiers and ImplementersSubmitting organizationOrganization that submitted budgeting informationAction AidN/A
Financing sourceThe organization or entity financing the activityGlobal FundHealth providers, health care financing schemes, revenues of health care financing schemes
Primary implementing agentPrimary organization or entity that is carrying out implementationAction Aid
Subimplementing agentAdditional organization or entity carrying out the activity as a subgrantee of the primary implementing agent, if applicableSouthern African AIDS Trust
2. Programs, Projects, ActivitiesProject nameSpecific project that is supported by the activityTB/HIV epidemic controlN/A
ActivityFree-form text to describe the specific activity within the interventionComprehensive programs for people in prisonsN/A
Programmatic functionProgrammatic area, function, or disease supported by the activityHIV including viral hepatitis and other sexually transmitted infectionsHealth care function, disease classification
Programmatic intervention level 1General intervention supported by the activity, dependent on the programmatic functionPrevention
Programmatic intervention level 2Detailed intervention supported by the activity, dependent on the programmatic intervention level 1Behavior change communication for HIV
Essential Health Package interventionAlignment to Malawi’s Essential Health Package interventionsCommunity health promotion and engagementN/A
Target populationSubpopulation targeted for HIV, TB, and malaria interventions onlyPeople in prisons and other closed settingsBeneficiary characteristics
3. HSSP II AlignmentHSSP II objectiveClassification of activities according to the relevant HSSP II objectivesHuman resources for healthFactors of provision
HSSP II sub-areaClassification of activities according to the relevant HSSP II sub-areas, dependent on the selection for HSSP II objectiveHealth worker training, in-service
4. GeographyDistrictPercentage of funding earmarked for specific district(s); if central level, can be specified as 100% central level

50% Mwanza, 50% Thyolo

5. In-Service Training DetailsType of trainingModality of the training, (e.g., on the job, offsite, or virtually/online)OffsiteN/A
Health worker cadreThe health worker cadre that the training focused on (e.g., pharmacy, nursing, laboratory, etc.)NursingN/A
Health worker cadreThe specific health worker cadre targeted by the training, dependent on the selection for health worker cadreNurse officerN/A
Number of health workers targetedTotal number of health workers trained from July 2019–June 202050N/A
Activity frequencyFrequency of the trainings (i.e., annually, biannually, quarterly, monthly, or other)QuarterlyN/A
Monthly implementation planTentative implementation timeline for the training, disaggregated by month, from July 2019–June 2020Implemented from March–May 2020N/A
6. Currency and BudgetingCurrencyCurrency of the submitting organization’s budgetUS$Expenditure information
Fiscal year start monthFiscal year start month of the submitting organizationJuly
Expenditures by yearExpenditure amount per year for FY 2015/2016, FY 2016/2017, and FY 2017/2018US$100,000 annually
Budgets by yearBudget amount per year for FY 2018/2019 and FY 2019/2020US$150,000 annuallyN/A
  • Abbreviations: FY, fiscal year; HSSP, Health Sector Strategic Plan; N/A, not applicable; NHA, national health accounts.