TABLE 3. Framework for Assessing the Health Systems Impact of New Vaccine Introduction
Health System Building BlockExamples of Vaccination-Specific Elements
Service delivery
  • Demand and acceptance

  • Access and utilization

  • Quality of care

  • Delivery modalities

Health workforce
  • Availability and distribution of staff

  • Training and capacity of staff

  • Remuneration and satisfaction

  • Performance and supervision

Health information system
  • Routine data collection and reporting

  • Disease surveillance

Medical products, vaccines, and technologies
  • Forecasting of vaccines and injection supplies

  • Procurement and stock management

  • Cold chain management and waste disposal

Financing and sustainability
  • Affordability

  • Domestic financing

  • External financing

  • Regulatory policy

  • Political commitment

  • Organization, structure, reform, negotiation, stewardship

  • Source: WHO Ad-hoc Working Group on Impact of New Vaccines on Health Systems25