Logistic Regression Analysis to Measure the Associations Between Facility-Based Delivery and the Characteristics of 4,371 Barangays in the Eastern Visaya Region, Philippines

Odds Ratio95% CIP value  
Incentive payment provided for FBD1.020.96, 1.09.563
Ordinance to Prohibit NID
 No0.900.83, 0.98.013
 Yes, nonmonetary sanction or no specific penalty(Reference)
 Yes, with low cash penalty (200–1,000 PHP)1.371.26, 1.49<.001
 Yes, with high cash penalty (1,200–10,000 PHP)2.522.29, 2.78<.001
Urban barangay1.451.27, 1.67<.001
RHM/nurse available (full-time or part-time)1.070.95, 1.20.298
Vehicle available3.193.00, 3.39<.001
Public transportation to government BF1.251.13, 1.39<.001
Distance to the most accessible government BF, km0.890.89, 0.90<.001
  • Abbreviations: BF, birthing facility; CI, confidence interval; FBD, facility-based delivery; NID, noninstitutional delivery; PHP, Philippine pesos; RHM, rural health midwife.